We love to cut!

While the picture at left might not be pretty to look at, it does demonstrate some of our cutting capabilities. This is an Amada HA-400 fully automatic bandsaw (purchased new in December, 2012) cutting through a piece of 10" diameter 4140 heat treated stock. This particular job called for 50 pieces cut to .875" with a cutting tolerance of +.020 / -.000. Some might cringe at that tolerance but this saw handled it with ease. The length was input at .880 and the 50 pieces wound up ranging from .880 to .884, a total variance of .004.

We currently have 6 horizontal bandsaws capable of cutting steel from 1/8" diameter up to 16" and everything in between. Please send us a message or give us a call to discuss your production cutting needs. Prompt and accurate cutting is something we take great pride in, we'd welcome an opportunity to impress you!