Trailer Hitch Steel

A week doesn't go by without us fielding an inquiry for trailer hitch steel. Building or repairing a trailer hitch is a fairly straightforward project and the materials needed are easily obtained. While we always recommend purchasing a complete assembly that's designed for your vehicle from an authorized dealer, we realize that a lot of people simply prefer to build their own. There are obvious risks in going the do it yourself route but if you're confident in your abilities and decide to build your own, we're here to help.

Typically your raw material list will consist of square tubing, angle iron and a few pieces of flat stock. There are ample plans available on the internet that list all of the steel and hardware requirements for this type of project. Please visit our online store to purchase your raw material or feel free to contact us with your material list. While we can't make any recommendations regarding safe loads, tongue weights, etc. we'd be happy to discuss your project with you and insure that all of the material you need is in stock and available for immediate shipment.