Sales and Specials are now being offered

Today we added numerous items to our sales and specials store. These are mainly overstock or cut-off/drop items that we're offering at large discounts when compared to our everyday pricing. Our initial list of items include:

Round bars in alloy, cold finished carbon, hot rolled carbon and stainless.

Square bars, (currently just one size, two different lengths) in cold finished carbon.

Flat bars in aluminum and stainless.

Angles in hot rolled and stainless.

This is just the initial listing of steel and metal stock that will be available. We cut a lot of steel every day so we're always generating drops/cut-offs. Rather than trying to stock and inventory them we'd prefer to offer them to you at little to no mark up. You benefit by getting greatly discounted steel and it works out for us as well, we don't have to inventory, track and tag all of these items. Here's one example of the price structure you can find in our sales and specials category. In the round heading, alloy section we list a 3/4" diameter 8620 leaded material. We have 16" lengths that we're offering for $2.95 each and 72" lengths for $9.61 each. We sell this exact same item in our alloy round store........for 90 cents an inch. It's an uncommon item that carries a high cost and the everyday .90 price per inch is most definitely a fair one. The drops that we're offering though are from production cutting jobs and we've already made a fair profit on them. That's why we're willing to sell this material to you at next to scrap value and it's one of the key areas where we differ from other steel distributors.

It would be very easy (and very profitable) to warehouse this material and sell it at our everyday price, at the same time though it simply wouldn't be right. We've made our fair profit on the stock already and to now try and gouge new customers for even more just doesn't make sense to us. Some might say that's a bad business decision and viewing it strictly from a bottom line perspective they'd be right. We tend to operate a bit differently though, while a healthy bottom line is of course essential to any business, so is the principle of doing what's right by the customer. It's a practice that we abide by and is a tradition that has always been a part of our business.......for well over 100 years now.

Please check the sales category regularly, we're always generating new items and we'll list them as they become available.